CAD Conspiracy: Pattern Recognition in Contemporary Art (video-essay installation)

in Collaboration with Mahan Moalemi

Commissioned for “When Legacies Become Debts”, Mosaic Rooms, London, Jan 2019

Material: screens, tripods


CAD Conspiracy is a visual essay. In the three-channel video, the installation shots of contemporary art exhibitions serve as an entry point into reflections and speculations on the politics of documentation, the history of representational technologies, and the future of empirical perception in relation to developments in machine vision. The realities of uneven circulation, accessibility and mobility in the art world meet political fictions based around how emerging technologies might transform not only our perception of the given reality but the very fabric of empirical reality itself. The artists worked with machine learning engineer Chris Tegho, who developed a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), currently training it on 60,000 installation views extracted from While learning, the GAN creates its own “installation shots”: artificially generated gallery rooms containing art works. The output of this intelligent learning process is regularly updated in CAD Conspiracy throughout the duration of the exhibition.