Wolkaan (Film)

link (excerpt): https://vimeo.com/160442973

Wolkaan is an experimental film in which two seemingly unrelated films intersect - a fantastical rendering of the city of Tehran under a volcanic eruption that abruptly shifts to a fictional episode in the American Midwest. Each segment, as an incomplete cinematic event, hints at the other; and lingers in a semiotic limbo, awaiting encounter with the other - expecting some kind of transformation. This is to place the viewer in a zone of collision, to possibly activate an inaccessible shared memory in this way.


Wolkaan (2015)

Production Country: Canada, United States, Iran

Duration: 00:29:39


             Writer/Director/Editor: Bahar Noorizadeh

             Producer: Zoe Sua Cho

             Director of Photography: Yoni Goldstein, Sina Kermanizadeh, Herman Asph

             Sound Designer: Alex Inglizian

             Cast: Sepehr Salehi, Farid Kossari

Funding Provided by: The Canada Council for the Arts